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Parent Empowerment Program

Is this you??
                 Are you sick and tired of having to yell at your kids but unfortunately that is the only way they will listen?
                 Are you exhausted and depleted at the end of the day from all the power struggles and sibling battles?
                 Do you wish you were on the same page as your spouse and need some consistency and balance in your family life?
                 Do you need some support and guidance on how to gain some control back into your life and feel confident again?

Parent Empowerment Program

Are you ready for a parenting re-boot?

Parenting has its daily challenges and you will learn mindset shifts and communication tools to help you to love your life, have more confidence in your parenting, bring more joy into your home, and build a deep connection with your children and parenting partner.
Kristen will guide you to create the optimal home environment that fosters independence, creativity and joy.

  • You will simplify your schedule while adding valuable self-care habits.
  • You will learn communication tools that will encourage resiliency, empathy and understanding.
  • Your confidence will increase in yourself and together with your kids you will create routines, and develop limits and boundaries your children need to thrive.
  • You will create the non-negotiable time for your own personal freedom to take care of yourself, develop your passions and encourage yourself to respond more proactively during times of stress and conflict.

Parent Empowerment Program starts October 10th!

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