School Consulting

Professional development, parent education, curriculum review, and creating a team approach is important for the development of a healthy school community. Kristen’s workshops also help administrators, parents and teachers get to the core of the child’s behavior, bring more joy and cooperation into the classroom and provide parents and teachers with confidence as well as control.

Workshops can be tailored to the unique needs of schools and their parent community. Popular workshops include:

  • School Accreditation Consulting
    “Create timelines and work closely with the school administration to shepard the accreditation process to completion while including the entire faculty and staff.”
  • Creating a United Front: The Parent/Teacher Conference
    How to create a positive parent/teacher conference experience and develop skills for strong written and verbal progress reports.
  • Creating the Prepared Environment
    Create a beautiful and purposeful classroom environment which is true to the Montessori philosophy while entrusting the responsibility of upkeep to the children.
  • Assistant Training
    Overview of Montessori education and develop expectations and guidelines between the Assistant and Head Teacher.
  • Healthy Communications
    Creating an environment where mentoring and supportive faculty and staff will foster Montessori spirituality and embrace life-long learning.
  • Current Brain Research
    Findings from current brain research are summarized and used to create a positive classroom experence for individual learning styles.
  • Positive Discipline
    Communication skills and child developmental milestones are taught in both one on one or a group setting. Adults learn valuable tips on bridging communication gaps, defusing power struggles, fostering sibling relationships and teaching children not what to think but how to think.

If you would like to learn more, please contact us for more information, availability, and rates.